Exams: Deadlines


Deadlines are displayed in Universal Time (UTC), also known as Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

For GIAC certifications, the exam deadline is four months from your start date. The deadlines are clearly displayed within the certification grid in your portal account.

If your original certification attempt expires, you have 15 days after your deadline to purchase a 45-day extension through the GIAC Certification Portal by clicking on "Certification Attempts" and then the "Purchase Extension" link. Please click here for current pricing information.

If you do not purchase an extension within 15 days after your deadline, you may acquire a new certification attempt by registering for the regular price of $1,249. For alumni of the corresponding SANS training course, the fee is $999.

If you do not pass a certification exam you may pay to retake the exam that you failed to complete the certification requirements.

Your exams must be completed OR payment for a retake must be received within 15 days after your final exam deadline.